Dunns River Video LTD

What We Do

Dunns River Videos has been at the falls capturing unique experiences for the last 25 years. We have satisfied thousand of customers from all across the world and continue to attract new customers with our new and exciting packages. Our vision is simple. We understand the need to make your visit as memorable as possible. We do this through our expertise with video production and editing.

Fact: Most people come to this site because of a problem with their purchase. We have always offered for FREE, Replacement or Refund. No questions asked, if your not 100% satisfied. It normally takes 10 working days (We do not count the weekends and Jamaican holidays).
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Our videographers and Photographers are on site at Dunn’s River Falls. We have been capturing the 55 meter climb up the famous Jamaican waterfall for over 25 years. You may purchase the videos and pictures from our team once you have completed your climb or you can order them for download. No obligation and 100% satisfaction guaranteed. You can receive your high resolution videos and pictures in soft copy to your email address or on DVD or Thumb drive. You can share them with your family and friends, post them to your social media, or revisit the memories. We have a set of well trained professionals and a very flexible and accommodating team. Our prices are unbeatable with a 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Please read. More Facts: there is more than one company doing the videos at the falls. Dunn’s river videos ltd., Is the oldest video company at the world famous Dunn’s River falls and because of that everyone thinks we are the only company. We try our Best to help with all complaints about video and pictures at the Falls. We have always done this for FREE!.